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Kalamazoo electrician is the go-to company to keep your lights on and the circuits connected in your homes, offices and businesses in the Kalamazoo area. We are not just equipped to meet all your electrical needs, we also have the wealth of experience and the common sense to put our customer’s happiness first.

We provide quick and effective round the clock assistance for all electrical works from small fixes to major overhaul and new installations. We design, install and carry out routine maintenance services of all types of electrical systems. Kalamazoo electrician carry out maintenance of Household fuse boxes, replacement of knobs and tube wiring, circuits updating and a lot more.

Our crew of experienced employees are always on-hand to fix all your electrical faults at a price you will find absolutely pocket friendly with a guarantee of full value for your money. Contact us today and get the best of electrical services.

Are you looking for local electricians in your area?

You have reached the best professional electricians in Kalamazoo county. Whether you are looking for electric repair, free estimates or simply electrical companies that provide excellent service, you have come to the right place. 

We have been servicing the area for years, and know that you need your options up front. We will provide an estimate free of charge, won’t waste your time and will be out of your way before you know it!

We only hire licensed electricians at Kalamazoo Electrician. Feel free to ask about our certifications and experience. We are fully capable of replacing your outlets, installing your thermostats, and fixing your ceiling fans. We have experience with commercial and retail electrical work as well.

Planning a renovation? Make sure you ask a certified electrician about all regulations and plans for your project. 


Kalamazoo Electrician has built a Kalamazoo, MI electric company based upon experience, reliability, and quality craftsmanship. We specialize in electrician services for industrial, commercial, and residential properties. Our local electricians go the extra mile to deliver finished projects in a time manner per your specifications.


The Kalamazoo electricians who work for us see each contract not as an agreement between a business and a customer, but between partners that wish to fabricate a mutually-beneficial friendship. This helps to provide a greater number of referrals and repeat customers. We have completed everything from small residential electrical panel installations to large industrial contractor projects. Regardless of the size of your job, our local electricians are here to help you. We provide:

     Ceiling Fan Wiring

     Emergency 24/7 Electrician

     Thermostat Replacement

     Lighting Repair

     Basement Heater Maintenance

     Lighting Consulting

     Electrical Panel Upgrade

     Home Rewiring

     Electrical Safety Test

     Home Electrical Repair

     Electrical Service Upgrade

     Light Wiring

     Electrical Switch Wiring

     Wire Cable Installation and Repair

     Circuit Breaker Installation

     Light Switch Installation

     Thermostat Installation

     Wire Panel Installation and Repair

     Electrical Construction and Maintenance

We have the most-knowledgeable commercial and residential electrical contractors in the industry. Our crew is always neat and professional. We treat your Kalamazoo, MI home or business as if it were our own. Our intention is to make sure we complete you job to your total satisfaction. We provide high-end quality work with the customer’s safety in mind.

As the top Kalamazoo, MI electrical contractors, we use premium materials to ensure adhesion, and we work with the customer to choose the proper wiring, cables, etc. based on the size of the property. We offer great advice on the types of electrical services will fit the job at hand. Our dedication to excellence makes us the fastest growing Kalamazoo, Nebraska electrical company.

We truly enjoy what we do, and we find a sense of accomplishment in each finished residential or commercial electrical maintenance project. Take advantage of our affordable electrician prices!

We are the leading, full-service Kalamazoo electrical contractors. When you want to trust certified and licensed electricians to service your home or business, our attention to detail is what makes the difference for most of our customers. We guarantee when we provide electrician services for your property. You will not be disappointed.

With our economical electrical rates, we give your business the electrical power it deserves. We also provide plumber electrician service, installing and repairing basement heaters if necessary.  Our electricians always strive to do the right thing when it comes to your electrical project. We are devoted to serving our customers’ needs with 100 percent satisfaction. From the moment you contact us, to the end of the job, we are committed to giving you a great experience.

A reputable Kalamazoo, MI electrical business is built one job at a time. We are well aware that a job well done is an asset to our business and staff. Our electricians do things accurately because we know the future of our business relies on your contentment with us and our service. We are constantly complimented on our skills, dependability, and pleasant personalities. Our Kalamazoo, MI electricians possess the best equipment and the industry’s top brand-name products to ensure a job well done every time.

We provide our customers with a clean, neat worksite, along with a quiet, courteous crew. Our craftsmen possess the electrical license requirements by the state of Nebraska, as well as the state electricity board. We pick our people carefully, as much for their knowledge as their skills.

At Kalamazoo Electrician, our electrical solutions can be utilized in making a range of improvements to your home or business, giving it functionality without spending a lot. We have been providing residences and businesses in the Kalamazoo, MI area with electrical repair, replacement, and installation services for years. With our many years in the sector, we understand the importance of providing consumers high quality service and product. Whether you need a low voltage electrician or a high voltage electrician, we utilize the expertise and knowledge that gets the job done right the first time.

If you need electrical help, our team will let you know which electrical options will work best for your residential, commercial, or industrial project. We can create a living or workspace that brings capability and ease. With our electrical solutions, we assure you that we can provide you a house, retail store, restaurant, or office that you will certainly love and enjoy.

When family members, close friends, or customers come to your home or business, they will certainly be impressed with our workmanship. If you want Kalamazoo electricians who provide electrical services with reliability and accuracy, ask us!

With years of encounter under our belt, we have ended up being prominent for having the very best electrical contractors in the Kalamazoo area. We specialize in giving electrical solutions to our consumers, as well as providing them with what they desire. We are the Kalamazoo electrician experts who can make the electrical work you need to upgrade your home or business a reality.

When our electrical professionals handle a job, our attitude is to leave the area looking better than when we started it. This attitude shows our commitment to developing long-term relationships in the Kalamazoo, MI neighborhood we serve. We use the experience we have obtained with every one of our electrical replacement, repair, and installation jobs.

Although some electrical projects are easy tasks, like replacing or installing a light switch, complex projects, such as home or business rewiring, should be left to professional electricians. When you come to us, we will go over all your solutions, and at the very same time, we will recommend to you what will function best for your home or company. We have a distinct point of view on what electrical services will work great and stand the test of time in your Kalamazoo, MI property.

If you are considering residential or commercial electrical work, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Our electricians in Kalamazoo, MI understand that electric done right can bring you convenience and style. If you desire the most efficient electricians in Kalamazoo who will listen to your electrical demands and desires, use Kalamazoo Electrician.