Do you want a pool? Watch out for wires

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Do you want a pool? Watch out for wires

Choosing and installing a pool is one thing, but adding electrical installations? Whole other story. Whenever we talk about electricity in your garden, you should be extra careful. There is water everywhere, you will need special wires and professional hands to do the work for you.

Of course, the first thing you need is a pool. Choose it and then contact us. We will take a look at your pool, garden, electrical panel, and provide you with a price for our services. Whether you want led lighting, a fountain or even a hot tub. All can be arranged and implemented to your liking.

After you have managed to install your pool, our licensed electricians will return to complete
electrical installations. One of the crucial things we will have to consider is your service panel. If for instance, you would like a hot tub you can relax in, that will add a considerable amount of power consumption. It is important to check if your panel can handle something like that and if it can’t to upgrade it.

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Depending on the hot-tub you choose you will have to deal with the needed circuit and amperage which are mostly around 60-amp, 240 volt-circuit. Regardless of the needed amperage, you will need a GFCI or a ground fault circuit interrupter. Safety comes first is what we consider a law. Furthermore, if your hot tub doesn’t come with a built-in disconnect you will need a separate one at least six feet away from the tub.

Adding a pool or a hot-tub to your home will raise your property value when you combine that with a place to relax, what more could you wish for? While we agree with that, it is important everything is well-connected. Contact us if you want a professional approach to your project and a piece of mind that everything will be properly installed.