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Are you living in an area known for power shortages? If that is true, you need a backup plan. Imagine you are working on an important project on your computer, you forgot to save and power is gone. Sadly, so is your work. Furthermore, maybe you have an office somewhere, a power shortage can cost you thousands of dollars, maybe even tens of thousands. Read on to find out about the two most common types of generators.

Home Backup Generators

The first thing you need is a professional estimation of your home and the amount of power you spend. Maybe you don’t even need a generator that will keep your whole house lit. Maybe a smaller generator will do the trick for your home. A backup generator will enable you to use power when the outer system is down. Nowadays, generators have a modern, air condition-like look that won’t mess with your landscape design.

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Commercial Generators

If the power goes down in your house, you will light some candles, but you can’t do that in your
office. You will lose the time and money if the power is gone and you don’t have a backup plan to
keep your computers running. Commercial generators have a power range from 20kW to 100kW.
You could get even more than that if you needed it.

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Depending on the amount of power you usually spend, you will have to get a stronger generator.
That is why it is important to have a professional estimation. Of course, we offer that service as well
as the option of ordering generators for your household or your company. Contact us when in need
and your problems will be solved soon.